Limelight® Home Fragrance. Hand-poured near Bath, with the finest fragrance. Exquisitely Wrapped.
  • Limelight® Wax Melts


    Wax melts are increasingly popular as an easy and economical way to scent your home. The 100% natural botanical melts are made from a coconut/ soy blend of wax and essential oils, designed to relax and uplift. We use natural botanicals lavender, calendula and rose petals so they look good too. The bags are eco-friendly compostable bags, made with sugar beet and potatoes and a Also available in No. 1, Lime Basil & Mandarin, No. 3 Fig, Lime & Vetiver, No. 9 Pomander and No. 27 Pomegranate, Orris & Cedar.  Not edible!