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  • Limelight® Murano Millefiori Candle


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    Our beautiful Murano glasses are hand-blown for us by master artisans in Italy. Murano is an island in the lagoon of Venice and is world renowned for its glass making. Each glass is made using the iconic 'millefiori' technique and is certified Murano glass. These look beautiful as the light shines through the crystal - choose from the gorgeous multi-coloured millefiori or millefiori in white, blue or pink. Each piece is unique, and no two glasses are the same. 

    These are filled with 100% natural sustainable coconut and soy wax and eco cotton wicks.   And because these glasses are so exquisite you will not want to be without one burning, they can be refilled without the need for you to return the glass as we have developed refills that just slot in. Alternatively, re-use as a vase or as a cocktail glass (they make lovely toothbrush or make-up brush holders too). 

    Burn time is phenomenal at 60 hours+ and there's 280g of wax in each glass. Dimensions 10cm high, diameter 8cm (bigger than the large tumbler size).

    Refills (to slot in) are now available.