Limelight® Home Fragrance. Hand-poured near Bath, with the finest fragrance. Exquisitely Wrapped.

Limelight® No. 1 Lime, Basil, Bergamot and Mandarin:  a refreshing, invigorating yet also very soothing gentle green citrus fragrance. Studies have shown that citrus fragrances really can improve our mood, but we knew this already. This is a classic, sophisticated anytime candle. We love this one.

Limelight® No. 3 Fig, Lime and Vetiver:  a rich, earthy, fragrance that reminds us of long lunches under the shade of an old fig tree in the Mediterranean. If we had to choose one fragrance  this is our  absolute favourite, it's an all round winner, and we have not met anyone that doesn’t completely love this fragrance (men too). Vetiver is known for its power to reassure and uplift, it boosts energy and is even said to increase libido, watch out!

Limelight® No. 5 Jasmine and Neroli: just divine. Steam-distilling the fragrant flowers of the bitter orange tree produces neroli oil. I first came across the neroli flower whilst in India on a yoga retreat: and it is the most heady, heavenly smell. Neroli is known for its deeply relaxing and calming effect and jasmine is proven to also reduce anxiety. This scent is like wafts of jasmine and orange blossom and is utterly sublime. We absolutely love this one and we think you will too. 

Limelight® No. 7 Wild Mint and Lime: one of our favourites. Mint is a natural stimulant, re-charging our batteries and giving a boost to our mental alertness. This is a fabulously uplifting scent, reminds us of happy days in Kefalonia and it's the ultimate candle for the study and for children when they are revising.  This might become our new favourite.

Limelight® No. 9 Pomander: the ultimate winter comfort candle, orange, cloves and cinnamon, it also happens to be the nickname for our eldest son because as a baby he smelt as good as one and we made the ‘pomander song’ just for him. This is a must-have for Christmas, in fact in our home, these candles come out as soon as the nights start to draw in with the promise of Christmas ahead.

Limelight® No. 11  Amalfi Lemon and Lemon Verbena: and a hint of green citrus  create a heavenly uplifting gentle verveine fragrance. This one takes us back to evenings spent sipping limoncello in Ravello on the Amalfi coast but not the headache that came afterwards!

Limelight® No. 15  Damask rose: roses are gorgeous to look at but most commercially available roses do not have any scent. This is the finest damask rose scent and smells just like roses from an English rose garden, with a hint of green stems- not sweet, just lovely. It takes me back instantly to my Granny (but definitely not a granny rose scent) she always had a bunch from her lovely garden in a silver basket bowl in her hall in the summer months. Just beautiful. 

Limelight® No. 17 Sea salt & samphire: This is a heavenly combination - coastal fresh air, evocative of happy holidays, sand between your toes, buckets and spades, fun times and the very distinctive tangy fragrance of the sea. This scent is so relaxing, a combination of bergamot, and woods sitting on a green mossy base. It was just made for those lazy summer days, and is perfect to bring the outside in, fresh and totally uplifting and perfect for when you are dining al fresco. We love it.

Limelight® No. 19 Hearth: This is an all-time favourite, a deeply comforting fragrance that smells just like an open burning wood fire. The fragrance is modern yet classic and has real depth and complexity. Smoky cedar wood, amber, vetiver and a hint of juniper. We associate fire with safety and this scent is deeply comforting - like being wrapped in cashmere in front the fire or at the beach with a wood fire under the stars, we just can't stop burning this one.

Limelight® No. 21 Tuberose & orange blossom: Created for a wedding, we love this gorgeous scent so much we had to include it in our core range - it is heady, slightly spicy, warm, exotic and very romantic.

Limelight® No. 23 Juniper: One we created as a special edition for Bath Christmas Market. It is a gorgeous modern and gender-neutral scent - peppery & rich with a touch of spice. 

Limelight® No 25 Baies:  Made as a limited edition for Bath Christmas Market 2019 and it was so popular. A sophisticated fruity floral of grapefruit and blackcurrant on woods, one for all romantics and the scent throw from this is superb. 

Limelight® No. 27 Pomegranate, Orris & Cedar: Our newest fragrance inspired by visits to Italy, capturing the tart notes of Pomegranate, powdery Orris (made from the bulb of the iris flower and used for centuries in perfumery as far back as Ancient Rome) with cedarwood and hints of resin.