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Limelight® Botanical Three Wick Pomander Candle

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A show-stopping centrepiece for your festive table!  A huge three wick scented botanical candle with 1.6 kg of wax. Delightfully scented  with cinnamon sticks, orange slices and red berries. The scent of Christmas, a gorgeous combination of spicy cinnamon, warm and rich clove and uplifting orange. 

Our botanical candles have a hard outer layer of wax in which the botanicals are carefully placed and a softer inner core of wax- only the inside of the candle will burn - and as it does you'll see the pretty silhouette of the botanicals as the flame gently flickers.

Burn time up to 72 hours, weight 1.6kg. Comes individually wrapped in cello with festive scarlet double-sided satin ribbon.