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  • NEW Limelight® Refill for Murano Millefiori Candle


    Refill for our Murano Glasses: these refills mean that you can continue to enjoy the glasses over and over again should you wish. They are made with 100% natural plant based wax (coconut/ soy blend). 

    Instructions for use:

    1. Once the wax in your candle jar has been used, please use warm soapy water to carefully clean it (don't be tempted to put it in your dishwasher). Our 100% natural plant wax is water-soluble and is therefore easy to remove. The wick adhesive pad will be stuck to the bottom of the jar, please do remove this.

    2. Once your candle jar is clean, just check to ensure it doesn’t have any cracks in it. Unwrap your candle refill, remove the cover on the adhesive pad on the base of the candle refill and firmly push down into your jar

    3. Please read the candle safety instructions/ care guide that comes with your candle. 

    4. Light your candle. We recommend lighting your candle for at least 2 hours (and no more than 4 hours) until the wax has melted to the edge of your jar. This will help the wax mould to the jar and means you will get the longest possible burn time from your refill.

    Please note that all the Murano glasses are hand-blown and will vary slightly in size. It is possible that you have a candle glass that is a little larger than average and there is a small gap between the refill and the glass (the refill will melt to fill this gap on the first burn). Please allow a little longer for delivery of refills as each refill is hand made to order.