Limelight® Home Fragrance. Hand-poured near Bath, with the finest fragrance. Exquisitely Wrapped.
  • Limelight® No. 3 50cl Fig, Lime & Vetiver


    Limelight No. 3 in 50cl. This is a large three-wick candle with a burn time of up to 65 hours. This candle has three wicks and comes in a large circular clear glass straight-sided container with a beautiful silver lid. It is exquisitely wrapped in black tissue presented in a two piece rigid box ready to give away, but we’ll bet you won’t. Weight- a whopping 900g (dimensions 12cm x 12cm).

    Limelight No. 3: Fig, vetiver and lime oil give a rich, earthy fragrance that reminds us of long lunches under the shade of a an old fig tree in the Mediterranean. This is an all round winner, and we have not met anyone that doesn’t completely love this fragrance (men and women). Vetiver is known for its power to reassure and uplift, it boosts energy and is even said to increase libido, watch out!