Limelight® Home Fragrance. Hand-poured near Bath, with the finest fragrance. Exquisitely Wrapped.
  • Limelight® No. 9 50cl Pomander, Orange, Clove & Cinnamon. Burn time 65 hours plus.


    Limelight No. 9 50cl. This is a large three-wick candle with a burn time of up to 65 hours. This candle comes in a large circular clear glass straight-sided container with a beautiful silver lid. It is exquisitely wrapped in black tissue presented in a two piece rigid box, ready to give away, but we’ll bet you won’t. Weight- a whopping 900g (dimensions 12cm x 12cm).

    Limelight No. 9: this is the ultimate comfort candle, the pomander, orange, cloves and cinnamon, it also happens to be the nickname for our eldest son because as a baby he smelt as good as one and we made the ‘pomander song’ just for him. This is a must-have for Christmas, in fact in our home, these candles come out as soon as the nights start to draw in and the promise of Christmas begins.