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  • Limelight® Car Diffusers- two boxes of two, lasts 120 days

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    We are so pleased with these little car diffusers, now creating fabulous wafts of your favourite home fragrance for you to enjoy in your car!   For those of you wishing to order more than one set, we are now giving free delivery. You will get two boxes, each box comes with two car diffusers lasting for approximately 30 days each, so giving you about 120 days of car-scented bliss (extreme weather conditions may cause the scent to evaporate more/ less quickly).  These are perfect for all those travelling with boys, sports kit and dogs-  just attach the cord over the rear view mirror for wafts of heavenly scent enveloping you on your travels...

    These car diffusers come in pretty glass cube diffuser bottles, with black metal encasing the wood top which are carefully filled with 7ml of our scented oil. The wooden lid acts as  diffuser reeds in your home reed diffuser and they come with a black/silver cord with a silver bead, so they look good too. Choose your favourite scent, selecting from the list above- enjoy!


    1. Never fiddle with the car diffuser when driving.

    2. Keep away from children & pets and obviously do not drink/ingest.

    How to use: 

    1. Unscrew the top and remove the stopper, 

    2. Replace the black top by carefully screwing it on to the glass base,

    3. Gently tip the diffuser upside down but only for a second or two to allow the scent to permeate the wood (this can be repeated whenever you want to boost the scent throw too). Don't over do it- if you keep it upside down for too long, you'll waste the fragrance oil! 

    4. Attach over your rear view mirror and secure using the silver metal bead on the rope.